Sacramento Trip 2019

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post so here it goes, all for good reason though. I just arrived home from a week long business trip to Sacramento California for a conference and it was the most incredible week. I don’t talk a too much about what I do for my business I run online so I thought this blog post would be a good way to talk more about it and also update you all on all of the fun adventures I got up to while exploring California….which by the way is one of my favourite states to visit. Something about the radiating sunshine, good vibes, amazing food and health conscious community always gets me excited to visit. Each and every time I visit I fall in love with it more and more. This was my first time in Sacramento however but I really enjoyed it and would definitely go back in a heartbeat!


So what is it that I actually do and what kind of business conference was it that I went to see? About two years ago I partnered with a community of women called Babes In Business (more info under the babes in business tab of my website) who’s mission is to inspire healthy living and holistic health across the world. We are partnered with an incredible vegan whole food product called Juice Plus which simply helps people across the globe eat more whole, vine-ripened fruits, vegetables and berries! How amazing is that? The conference was held by Juice Plus and for three days we all gathered and learned more about the benefits of whole food nutrition, preventative health, celebrated our team’s accomplishments, heard from top leaders within the business, heard from professional athletes, did a lot of self development work and came together like a huge family of likeminded, health lovers all wanting to make this world a better place……it’s truly an indescribable experience.

Each and every time I go back to one of these conferences it reminds me of how small we are all playing, how many of us shove aside out dreams and goals in life. We all have the ability to make an impact in this lifetime and live out our deepest passions but so many of us settle. We settle for a mediocre life, a mediocre job that doesn’t light us up, and we begin to push away the things that matter as “life” gets in the way! All for the feeling of “safety”….we work jobs that dont light us up day after day for the majority of our life just so we can enjoy a few years of retirement. Life is NOW, we need to be enjoying the present moment because the future is unpredictable and life is short.

I am so grateful I found a community of people who believe in this so strongly that their mission is to help people across the world better their health, their life, their financial future and overall happiness. It was such a blessing that I stumbled across this opportunity and I have never looked back. I always knew in my heart I was meant for BIG things and I found my way to do this! With a never ending amount of support and guidance to keep me going strong. All while being able to work at it from the comfort of my own home, while traveling and on my own schedule.

Now, back to the rest of the trip….Once I landed in Sacramento it was 1:00am in the morning so I headed off to my hotel to check in and get some rest. I stayed at a small hotel right in downtown Sacramento so it was close to everything that I needed and wanted to do. The next morning I wanted to try and find somewhere to take a spin class within the area to get my body moving and sweating after a full day of travel. I found a local studio called CycleLife which was only a 10 minute drive away and offered classes similar to the ones I teach back home so I gave it a try. The first class I took was a 45 minute Hip Hop ride which was a lot of fun and exactly what I needed. Loud music, lights out and a whole bunch off sweat….I already felt more like myself as soon as I stepped in to that class. I think it’s definitely important to find ways that you LOVE to move your body while on vacation, yes it’s important to also listen to your body and rest when you need it but it definitely feels good to continue with your usual routine if your body is used to it. The dark, loud, energy filled rooms are what originally made me fall in love with spin class in the beginning. You feel so alive both during and after the class, there is truly nothing like it.

A few blocks down from the spin studio was a cute vegan cafe so I took a quick Uber ride over and decided to refuel after class with an açai bowl….I mean you can’t go to California and not have one so it was a must! It definitely did not disappoint. The cafe was called Sun & Soil Juice company and they offered fresh pressed juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, raw vegan treats and a few prepared meals for lunch or dinner. I got an açai bowl, a tropical fruit bowl and a buddha bowl to go for dinner later in my hotel room. The buddha bowl itself had roasted sweet potato, wild rice, chickpeas, kale, beets, pumpkin seeds and a garlic/tahini dressing that tasted incredible paired with all of the veggies. I was in food heaven that’s for sure!


The next day I ended up going back to the same studio for one more class before I had to check out of my hotel. It was a great start to my day and probably the last chance I would have to get in a good workout before the conference started in a few days. Its was a different instructor this time but it was just as fun and I enjoyed every second of it, was absolutely drenched in sweat afterwards so that’s a win in my books! I ended up going back to my hotel and just ate a simple breakfast in my room since I had an early check out of my hotel. I had to catch an Uber to my AirBnb which was only about 15 minutes away in the downtown area.

Once I arrived at the AirBnb I tried to open up the door using the code we were given and unfortunately it didn’t work which meant I was stuck outside until my friend arrived a few hours after once her plane landed. I always try to look at the positive side to everything so at least it was a beautiful, sunny day and I had a lot of snacks on hand, haha.

I eventually ended up getting in to the house, the code they gave us was wrong but after it was reset we had no issues. The house itself was very cute yet had many odd problems such as lights that didn’t work, a tv that didn’t work, a microwave that didn’t work and it was lacking in a lot of basic supplies but we made the best of it. I was staying there with a few of the amazing people on my team who I work with online and it was absolutely incredible being able to meet a few of them in person for the first time. It was a dream come true and we had so many wonderful, deep talks about life and our goals which felt really great!

Our first day of conference started the next day which was very exciting. I got to catch up with so many of the amazing women I work with and finally give them all a big hug. This community has become my second family, nothing feels as good as connecting with people who get you on so many levels. I am so grateful I found this community and have a lifetime of even more genuine friendships and connections through this business. We all had to register for the conference and eventually find our seats within the large crowd. The conference brought together about 8000 people overall all dedicated to making this world a healthier place one family at a time which is a very beautiful thing to be apart of. The conference itself was mind blowing, so many inspiring talks, leaders of the business up on stage sharing their business advice, NMD speeches that brought tears to my eyes and self development work that really opened my eyes to how I was holding back in so many ways. We all have the ability to change this world and live a life of passion and purpose and this conference reminded me of that. We are truly capable of anything we set our hearts on and I definitely needed that reminder. It was amazing hearing from so many plant based doctors and nutrition experts and learning more and more about the wonderful product we are partnered with. I am so proud to represent this company and inspire people to hop on the plant based bandwagon to improve their health longterm!


The second day of conference I was again brought to tears, I got to see my beautiful business mentor up on stage sharing her NMD speech (NMD is the top position within our company) it really hit home for me seeing her up on stage. I made the realization that this is something that I 100% can do if I put my all in to this business. Anything is possible if you decide you want to do it and I am going to do it! The rest of the day was filled with inspiration, goal planning, business workshops and a surprise by Rachel Platten at the end of the day. She came on stage and sang some of her most popular songs and it was a wonderful way to end the day. In between conference and all of the learning I also got to meet up with so many amazing people who I look up to and have been wanting to meet in person for a long time.

A very special friend who I actually met through instagram was in town for the conference as well so I finally got to meet him and spend some time getting to know each other which was pretty magical. It’s rare that you get to meet someone who gets you on so many levels and has so much in common with you so it was definitely a fun few days exploring the city, enjoying some amazing vegan food, dancing on top of empty rooftop parking garages (yea that happened…haha) and talking about inspiring the world to be a better place :) Im beyond grateful for the people that this business has brought in to my life. It blows my mind how many people I have met from finally accepting who I am and being ME. I have spent so many of my past years hiding away or trying to fit in with the crowd but I had to realize that I am absolutely perfect the way I am and the world won’t benefit from me hiding away my gifts. Once you are in alignment with who you truly are you end up attracting others like you and it’s truly a beautiful thing to be surrounded by so many likeminded people who have similar visions and dreams as you.

In the midst of long conference days, I also got to run a 5k that was being put on by the Juice Plus company and it was actually the first one they have ever done so that was pretty exciting. I ended up getting my best time for a 5k run and did it with no training! I guess all of the constant biking and spin classes I teach really helped my overall endurance and speed. That lead up to our last day of conference where we heard from many inspiring leaders and athletes sharing their stories about the products and how they have benefited their performance. The power of whole fruits and vegetables is truly incredible! It was the perfect end to conference and I definitely left feeling ready to change the state of the worlds health!

To end the conference we had a wrap up party held at the conference centre which had a fun 80’s theme. We all dressed up in bright colours and danced the night away to fun music and celebrated our last day all together as one big family. I will remember this night for the rest of my life, so many moments of pure happiness and joy being around the people I love.


It is so important to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. I am so grateful for the beautiful friendships and connections I have made these past 2 years, they have made such a huge impact in my overall happiness! So many people settle for less but it’s up to us to change that and realize we are worthy of living our best life! How are we supposed to go out and do what we were put on this earth to die if we are settling in so many areas of our lives?

I had an extra day in Sacramento after the conference to explore the city with friends and we ended up going to Old Sacramento to explore and take photos. The town was so cute and set back in the western times which was a fun change of scenery from the rest of the town. After a few hours of walking around and snapping some good photos we ended up heading back to Wholefoods to stock up on some good vegan snacks to bring home with us. Every time I crave to the States it’s mandatory that I visit Wholefoods and restock on my favourite snacks I can’t get back home in Canada. I could honestly spend hours in that store looking at all of the amazing vegan options available nowadays!

After a sad goodbye to one of best friends I headed off to the airport shortly after and checked in for my flight to San Francisco. I had a pretty short layover so was a bit worried abut missing my flight due to delays but after sprinting through the San Francisco airport to catch my flight to Toronto I made it with about 30 seconds to spare! Sprinting with 2 carry on bags was definitely not an easy task! Although experiences like that always make for the best stories and memories, i’m juts happy I made it and everything worked out. The flight home was about 4 hours to Toronto and then due to delays I was stuck in Toronto for half of the day. Once I finally got on a flight back home to Sault Ste. Marie I drove home and slept for a good few hours to recharge.

As soon as I got home I was excited to see my family and vitamix (can’t go a day without my smoothies, haha) but also had this longing to instantly go back. Being around people who inspire me and sunny environments really make me feel like i’m thriving. The cold, damp weather of my small town is hard to handle at times and it definitely makes me think about where I want to live in the future and it will most likely be somewhere a lot warmer than the Sault.

Overall this trip was one that I will remember for life, so many new friendships and connections, so many wonderful memories and experiences that truly make my heart feel so full of love and happiness. I will forever be grateful for Babes In Business for bringing this opportunity to me and for giving me a second family.