Whaaa...You Take Supplements??

The short answer is YES, I have done quite a few instagram posts that have been talking about these beauties over this past year but lately I have been receiving a lot of great questions about them so I thought it was time to do a dedicated blog post about why I decided to include them into my daily routine in the first place and why I will be taking them for the rest of my life. Just as a disclaimer, I would never recommend anything to any of you that I didn't personally use or have benefited from, I hope this post inspires you to think more about what you put into your body everyday. 


First of all, lets back track to about 5 years ago when a few health issues started to arise for me. Around the age of 15/16 years old my skin had started to break out most likely due to hormones and a diet that wasn’t as good as it could have been. Around the same time I was suffering from poor digestion and noticed quite a few food sensitivities that only made healthy eating more difficult and on top of that I simply wasn’t feeling as good as I know I should have been. I had unbalanced hormones, brittle hair & nails, poor immune system, an unhealthy relationship with food, fatigue... you name it. The poor digestion and low energy I could deal with but being at that age and suffering with acne and other skin issues was not fun! I remember trying every product on the market from cleansers, to acne creams which only escalated the problem in the long run. I was feeling hopeless and resorted to a face full of makeup for many years to avoid the problem as much as I could. 

Fast forward to now, I have been actively studying at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach and through learning more and more about skin health and healing your body from the inside out everything started to make sense. I have been completely plant based for quite a few years now and although I did see an improvement in my skin when switching my diet I did however wonder why I still hadn’t seen a larger improvement. That is when it all clicked, if my body wasn’t properly digesting what I was feeding it then how was my skin and my overall health in general actually going to benefit from it. If anyone is interested in learning more about iIN or how I became a health coach check out the following link.

Call it fate but just over a year ago now I met a friend who had recently graduated from IIN as well to become a health coach and I immediately noticed how vibrant and healthy she looked, she was the definition of glowing so I had to ask. She introduced a product to me that I now can confidently say changed my life, not only was it 100% vegan, gluten free, better than Organic, NSF certified (third party tested for quality), non-GMO, and safe for athletes/pregnant mothers/children, it was also the simplest product I had ever come across. What instantly sold me was the fact that is was 100% derived from whole foods, not isolated nutrients. Yep, crazy! No added anything, no preservatives, no sugar, no fillers, JUST fruit, vegetables and berries. This product carries an ingredient and nutritional label apposed to a supplement label meaning its classified as real, whole food. Something you won’t find on the back of any other supplement label out there. The produce is grown by 2nd and 3rd generation farmers and from farm to capsule is tested for quality 6 times to make sure it is 100% pure and includes exactly what the label says.

A few of us girls from The Healthstyle Emporium repping our glowing skin!

A few of us girls from The Healthstyle Emporium repping our glowing skin!

But I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables everyday, why would I need more?  My thoughts exactly when I first heard of the product. I was eating a strictly plant based diet of whole fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts/seeds and a few superfoods here and there so what could this do for me? That is when I remembered the benefits of juicing and how when consumed it goes directly into your bloodstream apposed to being digested, well it’s the EXACT same with Juice Plus. Within 5 minutes of consuming the trio of capsules, the contents are delivered into your bloodstream and are put to work on creating healthier cells, fighting off free-radicals and reducing oxidative stress within the body. The capsules contain a wide variety of 27 different fruits, vegetables and berries that have all been picked at the peak of ripeness (this was huge for me as 80% of a plant's nutrition is developed within the last few days of ripening on the vine and majority of our produce these days is unfortunately picked far before this stage can occur), then the produce is blended into a large smoothie and dehydrated at a low temperature to ensure all of the enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients are still active, then to finish off, the powders are put into a vegan capsule to lock in all of the nutrition. 

After sending out surveys to a large group of people asking what supplements they added into their routine everyday, the company realized that they should be offering an omega blend to replace fish oil supplements. I was extremely excited to finally get my hands on these as it was a fully plant based omega, derived from algae instead of fish. This means no mercury in the product as well as no harmful affects for the ocean life. Our bodies need omegas everyday for skin, hair and nail support, brain & eye health and to help reduce inflammation, being able to source all of the essential fatty acids from plants instantly won me over. 


All of this sounded too good to be true when I first heard about them and being the investigative, nutrition nerd I am I immediately asked if there was research proving these results and studies backing up the nutritional claims of the product. Ask and you shall receive, the company itself has been around for 50+ years and has 39 peer reviewed, published medical journals and more currently underway which means that it is currently the most researched nutritional product in the WORLD. The studies themselves were unbelievably interesting to read and proved its benefits of working in the body at a cellular level, absorbing nutrients, supporting health, protecting DNA, contributing to cardiovascular wellness, reducing chronic inflammation, reducing oxidative stress, bio-availability & digestion, allergy relief, promoting a healthy weight, hormonal balance, skin health, children’s health and more. The amount of testimonials I read were astounding but without all of this research to back it up, they are simply testimonials. If any of you are interested in reading any of the research studies, let me know and I'll send them over! 


After diving head first into days of research I decided to give them a go, I could see no harm in trying them out for 4 months (the product ships in 4 month supplies to ensure the cells have time to turn over and generate new healthier cells) and I was pretty excited to experience any changes to my health. 

It was about 3 weeks in, I remember the day exactly as I woke up and my skin was glowing, I remember looking in the mirror first thing in the morning and noticing that all of my blemishes had completely disappeared! I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, I spent so many years wishing my skin would clear up trying every different diet, different food, positive thinking and every different product I could get my hands on when something so natural and healthy was out there just waiting for me to find it. Within the next few weeks my nails started to grow more than they ever have before and I now have to cut them weekly! 

Me completely makeup free after a few weeks

Me completely makeup free after a few weeks

Within 2 months I began noticing small changes such as my sleep was a lot better, less tossing and turning in the middle of the night, my hair grew noticeably longer to the point of getting daily comments about it, my digestion was 100% better than it had ever been in my entire life, I noticed that even if my diet slipped up a bit while travelling or out of town I had no issues whatsoever with digestion. 

After 4 months of including the product into my daily routine I was blown away at how good I felt both internally and how clear and healthy my skin looked externally. Something I noticed that I wasn’t expecting was my post workout recovery seemed a lot shorter than it once was. I work at a fitness studio as a spin instructor which means I am constantly pushing my body and exercise is a big part of my daily routine, having something that can help with the recovery process was huge for me! While continuing to research about recovery and the stress that exercise puts on the body, what I learned was that even though moderate-high intensity exercise is extremely good for your health, it does cause an increase in oxidative stress which in turn creates free-radicals within the body. Free-radicals are what cause early aging and damage to your skin and can contribute to the development of disease longterm. Knowing that by simply including 27 servings of the best quality fruits, vegetables and berries everyday was actively going to fight off damage within my body and cells made me wish I had found out about this product years ago! Along with that I noticed my cravings for sugar had been significantly reduced and I began to crave a lot more vegetables which for me is a win win as I’ve always had a sweet tooth! 


Fast forward to now, it has been 1 year and 2 months now that I have been on the product and Im only feeling better with more time. I have completely ditched any face makeup that I used to rely on every single day, I no longer have sugar cravings, I have more energy than I know what to do with (thankfully I work at a fitness studio to burn it off…haha), the whites of my eyes have surprisingly gotten whiter, my hair has grown longer than it has ever been before without even being trimmed, my nails are as hard as rocks, my hormones have completely balanced out and I no longer suffer from hormonal acne and irregular periods, my digestion is flawless, and I now have peace of mind knowing my body is getting the nutrition in needs to truly thrive and prevent disease every single day.

There are endless amounts of environmental toxins in the world today, from our beauty products, conventional produce, contaminated soil, and air so being able to include a simple dietary add in that has been proven to help reduce these toxins and remove them from the body is a no brainer for me. Eating whole fruits and vegetables simply isn’t enough anymore, our health statistics are continuously climbing in the wrong direction and it all starts with what we put into our bodies and what percentage of that we actually absorb. I never thought it was possible to feel as good as I do now which is why I want to share this product with as many people as I can. If I can help even just one family better their health than my job here is done. At the same time, my inbox was being flooded with emails from clients mentioning how their energy levels were finally back, their constant migraines were gone, their inflammation had gone away, their IBS symptoms had vanished…. I couldn’t believe it! This made me even more excited for a lifetime of their benefits.  

IMG_1539 2.jpg

When I decided to join The Healthstyle Emporium as one of their wellness coaches I thought it was absolutely genius that they have partnered with this product and I am beyond proud to represent such an incredible company. This past year of helping families from across the globe achieve greater health has brought be more joy than I can express. We have combined the product with a 16 week holistic health and wellness program to support all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Our clients receive the tremendous health benefits of the products alongside personal coaching, self love/gratitude work, monthly webinars, nutrition support, healthy recipes, fun workouts, yoga challenges and much more to help them achieve an overall healthier lifestyle longterm. If you are interested in joining our incredible program (which comes as a free bonus with the products I might add) you can find more information on The Healthstyle Emporium tab on my website.   

So now that you know what these products are all about, imagine how you could feel adding in over 30 servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet every single day….

imagine if you could finally clear and heal your skin..

imagine if you could finally wake up energized..

imagine no longer having cravings for sugar and processed foods..

imagine being able to get your kids to eat more vegetables.. 

imagine being able to improve your digestion and IBS symptoms..

imagine being able to feel the best you have in years..

imagine being able to perform better in the gym & reduce recovery time..

It's all completely achievable! 

Check out that nail growth!

Check out that nail growth!


What are you waiting for, invest in your health today or your sickness tomorrow? What will it be?

Interested in purchasing? Check out the link below. 


If you have any questions or would like more information about the products or our program The Healthstyle Emporium feel free to comment below or email me at,