How To live An Energized life

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for coffee, dreading that morning alarm waking you from your priceless slumber, wishing you could avoid that constant 3pm energy crash everyday?

if so…keep reading, this may be just what you needed to hear!

I too fell into this never-ending energy trap many years ago, I hated waking up early, I felt as if I never had enough energy to make it through my day let alone fit in a workout! This eventually led me into realizing their were many areas of my life that were out of balance and on top of that, my diet wasn’t helping whatsoever. Thankfully I was able to completely flip my lifestyle and adopt one that it now full of energy and passion and I’m going to let you in on some of my secrets to how I did this.

So…how do you live an energized life?

First of all, lets define what energy even is?

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity. It is your most valuable renewable resource.

You have the power to choose activities that either fuel or drain your energy levels. You can choose to surround yourself with people that light you up or suck you dry, you can choose to fuel your body with nourishing foods or foods that leave you feeling exhausted. Once you learn what activities leave you feeling more energized, all areas of your life will become more balanced.

We gain energy by eating foods that nourish us, staying hydrated with high quality water, surrounding ourselves with likeminded people, having career satisfaction and developing a spiritual practice specific to our own beliefs and lifestyle.


Here are some of my top tips I suggest for implementing more energizing activities into your lifestyle.

  • Dedicate one day per week for YOU: Dedicate one day of your week where your only goal is to relax and recharge. Sleep in, read your favourite book, get a massage, do some cooking or anything else that you love to do.

  • Aim to fill your diet with high quality whole foods: whenever you can choose local, organic, whole plant foods full of antioxidants, fibre, water and minerals. Avoid processed foods that will leave you feeling drained and craving more. Fill your daily diet with as many fruits and vegetables as you can. To make sure I am reaching my daily quota of whole foods in the variety we all need, I include Juice Plus capsules into my diet and have been loving the results of ongoing energy all day for the past year. Click the button below if you’d like to try them out for yourself (if you are not from Canada, you can change the world symbol at the top of the page).

  • make every meal a ritual: sit down, be mindful and grateful for every bite you take. Slow down your chewing and avoid distractions. This will aid in both digestion and energy. 

  • Create a morning routine you love: To set the tone each day, first take some time for a few slow, deep breaths, meditate, do yoga, dance, journal or listen to your favourite song to leave you in a great mood. Make a nourishing breakfast before getting on with your daily tasks. You don’t have to spend hours making your morning routine, its all about dedicating even just a few minutes to you, to leave you feeling energized and productive for the day ahead. 

  • Get a good nights rest: its no secret feeling energized comes from a good night’s rest, get to bed as early as you can, and avoid spending too much time looking at your phone/computer screens before bed. A good tip is to turn your phone on airplane mode one hour before bed and leave it off one hour after waking to feel more positive and energized. 

  • Stay hydrated: first thing in the morning, rehydrate your body with a large glass of water with lemon for a refreshing drink. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and drink frequently

  • Exercise: try to fit in some form of movement each day, play around with different times of working out such as in the morning or later in the day to see how your energy levels feel, personally I love a good sweat first thing in the morning to help boost energy. Also try to find a type of workout that feels best to you, their isn’t one type that is best, its very individual and depends on what you enjoy.

It is so important to look at all areas of your life when it comes down to energy. Are you spending time with friends and family that light you up or do they make you feel drained and tired. Are you spending time in a career that doesn’t fulfill you and makes you chronically fatigued. Are you spending time doing workouts that don’t align with you and your goals. Is there a certain area of your life that could use more work or time spent focusing on? It is important to have a think about all of these areas as a lot of the time our energy levels are a direct result of our overall lifestyles not just what we are eating. Keep in mind though, a balanced diet rich in whole foods will definitely help you feel more energized. 

Bio-Individuality plays into energy levels just like anything else, not every one is going to have the same results after eating certain foods but generally speaking, these foods below will help increase and keep energy levels stable, I’ve also included foods to avoid energy crashes throughout the day.

Foods To Boost Energy

  • vegetables

  • fruits, especially berries

  • leafy greens

  • healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds

  • chia, hemp seeds

  • maca powder

  • cacao powder

  • ginger root

  • whole grains (specific to the individual)

  • clean water

Foods That Decrease Energy

  • artificial junk food

  • processed foods

  • sugar

  • dairy

  • processed meats

  • caffeine

  • soft drinks

  • alcohol

  • artificial sweeteners

  • refined grains

  • trans fat

How To Begin Eating An Energized Diet

Start by keeping a journal and writing down how you feel 20 minutes, one hour and 3 hours after a meal to track your energy levels.

Begin crowding out the bad foods by adding in more of the good, don’t focus on removing but rather on adding in more raw fruits and vegetables where you can.

Explore all aspects of your life as a whole, add in more activities that energize you and have a think about the ones that are causing unnecessary fatigue.

Stick to simple meals for breakfast, or give mono-mealing a try (eating only 1 type of fruit for breakfast such as a melon to aid digestion and convert to quickly used energy)

Eat your larger meals earlier in the day such as morning and afternoon for better digestion and energy, the sun is at its fullest at this point which helps your body digest quicker.

Notice what foods give you an immediate sugar high and crash shortly after, slowly begin removing excess sugar from the diet and replacing it with sweet vegetables and fruit. 

Begin to drink more water consistently throughout the day when sugar cravings hit or you are feeling low on energy. 

Hopefully these tips will have you feeling full of energy and ready to tackle your day ahead!

Want to work one on one with me to increase your energy levels, find what foods work best for you and become your healthiest self? Book in a free consultation with me on The Healthstyle Emporium page of my website. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.